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Can Lifelock Safeguard Your Identity?

His Social Security Number is 457-55-5462. His name is Todd Davis. He is the CEO of Lifelock. Are you 'man' enough and smart enough to steal his identity and get away with it?

By now, most of us know something about Lifelock from their TV commercials. But you might still be wondering if this service is truly legitimate and what Lifelock can offer you. As the absolute leader in the identity theft protection market, Lifelock has positioned itself extremely well and now heads up the pack in providing services that guard the public against the growing problem of identity theft. The company has a lot of confidence in its ability to protect the consumer from identity theft. It's very own CEO, Todd Davis, is featured in television and radio commercials where his very own Social Security Number is given out to the public. Lifelock made a huge splash with TV audiences across the United States by demonstrating that its very own CEO is not afraid of identity fraud because he, himself is protected by the Lifelock Identity Alert Service. Davis is so certain of the powerful protection of the Lifelock service that he is willing to publicize what would usually be one of the most heavily guarded numbers a person has to their name. His confidence in the company's services has won over a lot of fans and as a result, Lifelock has earned a membership growth rate of over 20% year-over-year since its inception in 2005.

That level of publicity has done a lot for the company and has helped them build a major business where there was none before. If this seems strange, one needs to remember that even in the early 2000's there were still not that many people online and this is especially true when it comes to countries other than the US. This is a crucial point because what a lot of people do not understand about identity theft is that it is rarely a case of the next door neighbor rummaging through the trash for your personal documents, instead there is a massive global network that has created a virtual black market which trades in this kind of personal data in an effort to run large level scams of credit and other big issues of a similar nature. Due to this trafficking in consumer information and so many scams taking place at all times of the day and night, the criminal most often does not know the victim. The other factor is that unlike in the US, the criminals who take part in these credit scams often come from very poor countries where it is difficult to survive and so any chance at making a better life for themselves will often seem like an obvious solution to their problems.

This is what has made the instances of identity theft begin to rise so high in recent years, it is a coming together of a great many factors that has created this situation and it is not the type of situation where there is an easy solution available. Hence, services like Lifelock have come up and are now offering ways to protect consumers. With more than 3 million customers using Lifelock, they have rapidly been able to solve a great number of problems for people and bring their good name back to them due to the level of monitoring that they are able to provide. While other companies can offer similar products, most of them do not have the celebrity endorsements from luminaries as diverse as Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh - this has helped the company get out the word of what it can offer to the average person at at prices that begin at under $10 a month, they offer an affordable and highly effective means for people to obtain peace of mind from a problem that they are not sure how to solve. This is definitely a new era and Lifelock is providing a crucial service that meets the needs of those living in our modern times.

However, the company is not without its detractors and in the interest of fairness, several things do need to be mentioned to help clear the air. Todd Davis challenges people to steal his identity by publishing his social security number. As a result, several attempts made have been made by criminals to ripoff his identity. One of these cases involved a thief utilizing Davis's social security number to obtain small loan or cash advance from a check cashing center. The check cashing company approved the $500 loan without performing a credit check. Since an identity verification costs money and eats into their profit margins, the check cashing company opted not to do the credit check. The criminal knew about this policy and sought to capitalize. Despite the social security number being compromised, the thief was not able to tarnish Davis's credit ratings. Lifelock's credit protection services exonerated Davis from any wrong doing, successfully cleared his name and prevented financial harm. Another issue that Lifelock has had to face is accusation claiming that its services are ineffective in safeguarding consumer identification and credit. Lifelock has been criticized for making bold claims of providing a comprehensive identity protection service and luring the consumer into a false sense of security. All of the issues that Lifelock faced have been resolved in one way or another. But it must be mentioned or else this leaves a gap and many readers will end up wondering if there is some dark secret hiding when there is not. Despite attempts by certain media agencies to identify flaws with the Lifelock service as a means to boost audience viewership and participation in their TV program or newspaper, Lifelock remains an effective and trusted identity protection service. These things are just the way that the world works and Lifelock is a young enough company that they are going to have to keep proving themselves to doubters.

One of the big draws for many people comes from the fact that Lifelock is all about commitment. Most of their competitors are not going to spend much if there is a problem with their customers unless that customer ends up purchasing an expensive credit insurance package. Lifelock pledges to spend up to $1 million to protect your identity and right things if you are ever the victim of any kind of fraud that their service is designed to protect. This is certainly one of their strongest offerings and it has made a huge difference in people choosing them over their competitors. This is definitely a very powerful message and part of what has created such a strong brand in the minds of reviewers.

Most of those on the web who have spoken out about their experiences with the company have said that they were treated fairly and politely, extolling the company's extreme commitment to customer care. With the Lifelock Command Center for $15 per month, the protection gets really comprehensive and offers everything from the normal fraud alerts to a much more powerful breach detection program designed to go further than most other companies will.